Invoicebus vs. PocketSuite vs. Replicon vs. Invoice-O-Matic: Customized Invoice and Time Management Companies Reviewed
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Invoicebus vs. PocketSuite vs. Replicon vs. Invoice-O-Matic: Customized Invoice and Time Management Companies Reviewed

Invoicebus is a complete invoice service that is easy to learn and easy to run. They have many features and 4 different pricing plans. PocketSuite is only available on mobile devices and can be downloaded for both Apple and Android. PocketSuite is great for freelancers on the go to keep track of their invoices and clients. Replicon is much more than an invoicing company. They are a time management company that can keep track of everything in your business. Invoice-O-Matic is an online invoicing tool that is completely free to use.
Covered in this report
Invoicebus — Best Features
Link to your 2Checkout, Stripe or PayPal account, plus accept debit cards, credit cards and Bitcoin.
You can track your clients, and no more wondering if your clients opened your document.
Best for: All businesses that needs an invoice plan that is easy to use with no learning required and simple to setup.
PocketSuite — Best Features
PocketSuite is an app only for mobile devices that you can get at the Apple Store or Google Play.
They have three different pricing plans including a basic plan that is free.
Best for: Self employed free lancers that need to send invoices and keep track of their clients on the mobile devices.
Replicon — Best Features
Replicon is much more than an invoice service; they are a cloud based workforce and resource management tool.
They can help their customers increase productivity, improve project visibility, eliminate revenue leakage and maintain labor compliance.
Best for: Small to very large companies that need to increase efficiency using real time data and eliminating manual-entry delays and errors.
Invoice-O-Matic — Best Features
Invoice-O-Matic is completely free for anyone to use.
This is a very simple to use online invoicing tool.
Best for: All small businesses or freelancer that needs a simple and free online invoice tool.


Invoicebus is located in Macedonia and was founded in October 2010. They are an online invoicing and billing software company. Today, companies seem to get bogged down with all of those invoices they send out and have to keep track of. Invoicebus can help you cut down on that hassle.

Invoicebus Features

Invoicebus makes it easy for all business to get paid quickly for your goods and services. Invoicebus will help businesses send online invoices to their clients and get instantly via PayPal, credit card or debit card. With Invoicebus, customers can do the following:

  • Link your 2Checkout, Stripe or PayPal account with Invoicebus.
  • Create an online invoice and send it by email in seconds.
  • Receive your payments with a click of the button.

Invoicebus includes a demo of their invoices that shows all of their invoice features that include:

  • Issue date
  • Invoice #
  • Client name
  • Description
  • Status like paid, unpaid and overdue
  • Total amounts in a variety of currencies

Customers can take many actions for their invoices such as:

  • New invoice
  • View invoice
  • Edit invoice
  • Save invoice
  • Duplicate invoice
  • Delete invoice
  • Send by email
  • Download as a PDF
  • Record payment
  • Payment reminders
  • Send a thank you note

With Invoicebus, customers can also view outgoing quotes with the current status.

Invoicebus also offers a full featured free 30 day demo account. Signing up for this functional demo account is easy by entering in your email address and a password.

More Invoicebus Features

Invoicebus includes many great features that can no only make your invoices stand out, but also make your business much more efficient. These features are:

  • Invoicebus is so simple to easy, anyone can use it. Invoicebus makes invoicing clean, easy and efficient. There is nothing to setup, nothing to learn and almost manages itself.
  • Invoicebus is fast and can customers write invoices in just a matter of seconds. Invoicebus will calculate totals and taxes and auto saves products and prices.
  • Set and forget. Customers can schedule all of the invoices you need to send through the month and Invoicebus will automatically do the rest.
  • They offer dozens of creative designs for your invoices so that your invoices will stand out.
  • You can customize everything including fields, language and currency. Invoicebus supports any language and currency.
  • You can get paid instantly using your 2Checkout, PayPal or Stripe accounts. Also included are the ability to accept credit cards, debit cards and Bitcoin.
  • Sending quotes easily, no more emails back and forth or confusion. Invoicebus can help you collaborate with your clients and customers in real time. Your clients can accept your quote with one click and Invoicebus will then turn that into an invoice.
  • Invoicebus has ready-to-use message templates that you can customize and send immediately, including thank you notes to your clients.
  • They have a crystal clear dashboard that gives you control over invoices with just a glance.
  • Track your clients. No more wondering if your clients opened your document, Invoicebus will let you track everything.
  • Invoicebus will automatically remind your clients on every unpaid invoice.

Invoicebus Prices and Plan Features

Invoicebus has several plans. The following prices are for their 1-year plans and they also offer a 2-year plan for a bigger discount.




Single Decker

Double Decker


$0.95 / month

$8.33 / month

$16.66 / month

$24.99 / month

Number of clients you can store





Make sure you check their pricing plans that show all features for each plan. Their Single Decker and Double Decker plans have the most features that are mentioned in this article.


PocketSuite is located in San Francisco, California and was founded in 2013. Their mission is to mobilize small business and bring the benefits of ERP technology to all businesses. PocketSuite is an iPhone and Android app that helps the self employed run their businesses more efficiently.

PocketSuite Features

PocketSuite offers many features for the self employed to keep track of everything they need to in order to have a successful small business.


  • Great client management and tracking
  • Mobile photo and note taking storage
  • Direct messaging and marketing capabilities
  • The ability to track your entire client history

Your Calendar:

  • Appointment and class scheduling
  • Automated client reminders and follow-ups
  • Integrated online and Facebook booking


  • The ability to invoice clients via text messages
  • Charge credit cards
  • Automate recurring billing
  • A flat 2.5% processing fee

Team Management and Solutions:

  • You can invite partners, administrators, employees and contractors to join your PocketSuite team
  • Monitor and staff your team schedule
  • Send electronic payments on the go

How PocketSuite Works

To get the PocketSuite app, all you have to do is click on the icon for Apple App Store or the Google Play icon to get their app. There are no desktop downloads.

PocketSuite is simple to use on your mobile devices with the following features:

  • Add business details
  • Sync calendar by choosing any iCal, Google or Outlook calendars to sync with PocketSuite
  • Link your bank account that you want your payments to be direct deposited into

PocketSuite makes it easy to conduct your self employed small business with these simple features:

  • Charge: The ability to add any client’s credit card information, charge card for any amount, and a deposit speed of 1-2 days with a flat 2.5% processing fee.
  • Easy tracking: Track what you have made, what you are owed and what’s upcoming.
  • Quick access to all of your client appointments, messages and contacts.

Users of PocketSuite can unlock even more features. You can unlock all features or just the ones that you are interested in. A few of these features include:

  • Contracts: You can upload contracts or waivers to any client and have them e-sign online.
  • Online Booking: Integrate their online scheduling widget to your website, which allows clients to book and pay you online.
  • Subscriptions: Set any client up for a recurring payment plan.
  • Estimates: The ability to send professional job estimates via text messages or email. If accepted, these can be easily converted to invoices.
  • Sales Tax: You can add the correct sales tax for your area to any invoice.
  • Leads: Build up your leads list.
  • Recurring Appointments: You can schedule recurring or a custom group of appointments easily.

PocketSuite Plan Prices

PocketSuite offers the following three plans:

  • Free: Their free plan includes many of their basic features and if you find you need more features, it is easy to upgrade.
  • Premium: This is most popular plan and includes most of their features for a price of $9.99 per month.
  • Premium+: This plan is best for teams and includes all of their features for a cost of $19.99 per month.

Check their pricing page for all features included with each plan. On top of their monthly fees, they also charge the 2.5% transaction fee as mentioned above.

PocketSuite has been mentioned favorable in many magazines including Forbes, Techcrunch, Better Homes and Gardens and many others. You can click on their press page to read all articles about PocketSuite.


Replicon is a global company that was founded in 1996 by Raj Narayanaswamy and Lakshmi Raj in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Today they have offices in Redwood City, CA, Toronto and Calgary plus other offices throughout the world.

Replicon Business

Replicon is a leading provider of time asset management tools. What that means is that their company provides solutions that help their customers capture, manage and optimize their most underutilized asset, time. They have customers ranging from small business to Fortune 500 companies.

They can help their customers increase productivity, improve project visibility, eliminate revenue leakage and maintain labor compliance. In other words, they are a cloud based workforce and resource management tool.

Replicon Solutions

Replicon offers flexible, easy to use and scalable solutions for small business to large enterprises. Their solutions include the following:

Professional Services Automation includes itemized invoices that can raise your revenues, the ability to achieve maximum utilization of your workforce and profitability control that can increase your revenue by reducing revenue leakage. The features of Professional Services Automation include:

  • Customizable time tracking
  • Custom time sheets
  • Flexible validation rules to reduce errors and lessen lost revenue
  • Project, client and task time tracking
  • Email alerts and reminders for submissions and approvals
  • Anytime access for your mobile and field-based workforce

Perfect Portfolio Management is perfect for clarity and control, giving customers complete visibility within and across projects. Increase efficiency using real time data and eliminating manual-entry delays and errors. Curtail cost overruns with the ability to forecast more accurately using historical data. More features include:

  • Flexible time tracking
  • Customizable timesheets for accurate project and task tracking
  • Automatic validation of time entries by using pre-defined and or unique rules
  • Email alerts and reminders for approvals and submissions
  • Mobile access at anytime from anywhere

Workforce Management offers a unified system gives customers real time visibility into your scheduling and attendance data. Their compliance library makes sure that you are up to date with regulation changes and current policy, no matter where you operate. This includes labor law compliance and litigation. Full schedule utilization provides a single tool for scheduling people and resources. Workforce management has the following features:

Replicon Pricing Plans


Quick Start



For companies with simple requirements

Organizations that require a configurable solution

Time attend



Time bill



Time cost



Time off






The above prices are User/Month.

They also offer an Enterprise program for organization with complex global requirements. Their Enterprise plan offers workforce management, professional services automation and project portfolio management. You will need to call Replicon for pricing.


Invoice-O-Matic is a free invoice product from FreeAgent. FreeAgent is located in Scotland and was founded in 2007.  The company’s founders came up with the idea for the company based on the frustration that doing the books was just too hard and time consuming.

What Invoice-O-Matic Does

Invoice-O-Matic is a free online invoicing tool and very simple to use. All you have to do is enter all of the information into the online invoice template Invoice-O-Matic will send a PDF directly to your client’s inbox and your inbox.

Invoice-O-Matic Free Invoice Tool

Invoice-O-Matic Shows you an invoice template and all you have to do is fill in all of the blank fields and send it. The fields you can fill in are:

  • Your company name
  • Your company’s address and your name
  • Invoice number
  • Issue date
  • Due date
  • Clients name or client’s company name and address
  • Quantity
  • Description for an invoice item
  • Unit price
  • Subtotal
  • Total
  • You can also add a personal note at the bottom such as a thank you
  • Payment details and or bank account information if needed

You can add as many quantity and invoice descriptions boxes as you need to. There is also a settings box that allows you to choose which currency you are billing in and a box you can check if you need to add a VAT or tax and at which tax rate you are charging. Their currency choice list many currencies around the world.

And that is all there is to using their free online Invoice-O-Matic invoicing tool. Once done, just click send and you are finished with the invoice. 

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